About Ani Spooner

Speaker & Radical Self-Acceptance Advocate

Ani Spooner is on a mission to embolden others to use their difference to empower themselves.  Born with a Port Wine Birthmark that covers half of her face, she starts her career onstage as a singer at the age of 10. By age 12, she is getting up at 5:00 every morning to apply a thick cover makeup that hides her birthmark flawlessly. This daily ritual not only feels excruciatingly lonely while everyone in the house is asleep, but no one knows what she truly looks like, and this secret weighs heavily on her.

As she walks through life with a mask on, she realizes that she needs to do something radical to meet her true self face to face. Consequently, in her twenties, the mask comes down for good. Not only is she having a career in the public eye as a singer and speaker, but this time around she is doing so without hiding or apology, and on her own terms.

Decades later, the adventure continues as Ani emboldens others to be who they truly are. 



Ani is an extremely talented communicator and she leads the way in Heart-Centered lifestyle. She has mastered the delicate art of BRIDGING diversities through compassion and understanding.”

Dr. Nathalie Campeau, M.D.

Author, Speaker, Coach 

Articulate, powerful, heartful, with a deep understanding of what it means to be human.”

David Roche 

Inspirational Humorist, Actor, Speaker

Ani is a profound and thoughtful person, genuinely interested in others' well being. I've attended some of her workshops and her approach is consistently energetic and positive. She has a broad-minded, non-judgemental attitude and a respect for others that puts people at ease.”

Lise Michaud

Workshop Participant