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Moving Forward - Even When it's Hard

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

I’m not saying that being this different is easy. There are definitely really hard days. But believe me, pretending to be anything other than what you truly are is much harder.

This is why as a young adult, I embarked on an adventure of self-love and radical self-acceptance. It’s funny how when you love yourself, most of what the world throws at you seems manageable. Yes people still stare, ask inappropriate questions like “What happened to your face?”, follow me in stores their faces twisted in a grimace, but it mostly all washes over me.

Why? Well I now know that how others react to me, to the part of me that is not like them, is a reflexion of them — not me. Does it really matter how you see me, if I trust in my mind’s eye that you see me as I see myself? If I don’t worry about your gaze, does that not mean that I am my own compass in this world? If I choose to see myself reflected only in your eyes, do I not see only part of the truth about who I am. I am so much more than anyone can see.

I'm beauty, because I know that true beauty is all around me in nature and I am part of that nature. I'm compassion and empathy, because like all other humans, I've lived adversity and challenges. I'm truth, because I have the strength to be myself, to look at myself with all my flaws, fearlessness and determination. I'm also anger and joy, because both are equally valid and in need of my undivided attention.

I'm especially the only thing I can ever be — Me.

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